Friday, December 23, 2011

Oh, that Christmas Jolly or was it Jelly

Twas the fifteenth of January in O' twelve, no willpower be.

No Ides would I fret, nor feet somewhere down yonder could I see.

The arm's once easy keyboard stretch now had fingertips barely touch;

The stomach plumped by Christmas berry pies, raisin pudding and such.

In upstairs closets and attic trunks I'd searched for a shirt and pants.

The only pants that circled the waist came from verbal "why, why" rants.

I'd eaten and eaten, no stop to my glorious holiday food intake folly.

Hams and potatoes, yams and jams, all entirely delicious, by golly.

A toast for the merry; glorious eggnogs, all whiskey or bourbon laced.

There was no thought to the dusty scale with the pound record I faced.

Another day I'd fast; for the next eleven months promised plenty of days.

Without holiday friends, no way could I exist, couldn't be me, no ways.

So today I cry, grunt and strain to tap keys to write this celebration lament.

Thank the bountiful cheer of Christmas, I do, good friends, family, and Lent.

May all enjoy a very Merry Christmas and the blessings of a New Year. Here's a thanks to the inspiration of Mr. Moore for this humble jumble of words. Enjoy novel A Body To Bones click here in 2012. And, The Bones Dance Foxtrot, Abbey Burning Love, Baby Bones. A preview of all are at .

And, to all a good night. Oh, guess you heard that before. May the road rise to meet you. Oh, that's an upcoming celebration. Let's go back. And, to all a good night. Happy Hanukkah, Kwanza, too.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Newer Quotes Over Time

Done once before; now done again. Or is that well done. Let's hope.

Author Donan Berg click for website previously shared quotes. Now for the promised more.

Fiction is mankind's alternate face.

A riot is the exploding unheard expression of the oppressed.

A prayer can't be a wish turned inward.

Life is like a ten-speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use. (Charles Schultz as Charlie Brown)

Back to the quotes of Donan Berg:

Life is a dead end street with a fire escape if we look up.

Forget royalties, take free dry cleaning. (Advice to writers.)

Popularity -- a writer's smallest glory.

Popularity is the heady drink that fills the cup of vanity.

Captivating fiction is a beautiful flirt with a good heart.

If our life were a play, let's hope the plot isn't swallowed by needless drama.

And that's today's more. Come back for more quotes. The key will be in the door. (This line not a quote to the curious.)

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