Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Libraries Shelve Donan Berg's Novel "A Body To Bones"

With the greatest of appreciation, acknowledgement is given to the latest three public libraries to shelve Author Donan Berg's debut murder mystery novel A Body To Bones.

Patrons can now find A Body To Bones, First Skeleton Series Mystery, at Bangor, ME, Public Library, Brown County Library, Green Bay, WI, and the latest addition Gary, IN, Public Library.

Check out http://www.abodytobones.com/ for a list of all known libraries. Since the list may be incomplete, ask at your local USA public library. Libraries solicit patron input. Help them out.

To all, libraries and patrons, we say, thank you.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Lucky 7 Meme Award

Call me crazy or a bloke sucked in, I've been nominated or invited to participate in the Lucky 7 Meme Award which may be farther from a dramatic red carpet stroll than an unwritten farce. If any reader watched Inspector Lewis on PBS Masterpiece Mystery Sunday (July 8, USA) then this may be akin to the brainaic Oxford University Wednesday Club without the craxy clothes, multiple teasing notecards, and, hopefully, completely devoid of any participant being found by authorities floating face down in a nearby river or body of water.

Here's the rules I've been told by my nominator: Earl B. Russell, @earlbrussell. It's an adventure on http://www.twitter.com/ so get your game piece in hand and follow these rules:

1. Go to your original manuscript, finished or not, and stop on either the 7th or 77th page.

2. Drop down to the 7th line. (Beginning to realize why it's called Lucky 7 Meme Award?)

3. Copy the next seven sentences or paragraphs. No editing. (If it's slanderous, then by all means don't put us all in a boiling kettle. Find another manuscript. If you've been an author for any stretch of time your nightstand or computer flashdrive is replete with oodles of starts that went at least seven pages before the inspiration bounced off a mental wall.)

4. Now for the fun part. Tag seven authors, giving twitter names, and tell them they've been nominated by you. Ask them to participate.

     Here's mine:
  • Alexandra Lanc @AuthorLanc Florida USA multi-genre author
  • Ali Atwood @aliwood1 Florida USA erotic paranormal and sci-fi romance
  • Jamie Metcalf @wmetcalf Long Island NY USA Author Tony Gavel PI series
  • Mark Dodge @markododge (world is guessed) Working on first novel.
  • Chris McGoldrick @McGoldrickChris Orange County NY USA Working on first novel.
  • Laura Pfundt @lauracatherinep Melbourne AUS Fantasy and YA author.
  • Laurie J. Grove @LJGroveArts Portland OR USA Author The Icarus Files
5.  Here's my seven sentences from page 7 of the still-in-progress murder mystery entitled "Garden Bones" as a working draft.

"Her outstretched arms, with jerky finger movements, pointed into the water. Adolph haphazardly piled socks and his sport coat blazer atop his shoes already resting on the inclined slab poured to be a boat launch ramp. On instinct, to account for the river current, he chose a spot to dash into the river twenty feet south of where the woman stood screaming. Her words, “My boy, save my boy,” raced the breeze propelling him into the water.
"The five minutes he bobbed under the surface seemed to him an eternity until the cloth he tugged offered weighted resistance. When he planted his toes into the silty river bottom, stood and splashed toward shore, the shallower August river depths freed his arms as the lowered surface wavelets now only lapped his armpits.
          "With the boy given to an EMT, Adolph paused halfway up the boat ramp concrete."
For bullets 6 and 7, add thank you.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Celebrate the Fourth of July, U.S. Independence Day, with resolve and compassion. Stay safe, and if you have a moment, lend helping hands to others and support those in need. Heat, as well as cold, kills.