Monday, September 12, 2011

Opening Day NFL Football

Missing the Chicago Bears/Atlanta Falcons home opener as the first Bears home game that didn't have me in a Soldier Field stadium seat wasn't as traumatic as expected. Partly because Da Bears defense showed up and played with a heart and vengence. "Old" hands such as Brian Urlacher and Charles Tillman meshed well with new team members who created a defensive rush without blitzing. And, the offensive line, commendable with great hopes for the future.

Matt Forte did what he does best, most everything that a running back need do.

Yes, there will be a dent created in the recliner. After one game it appears to be a happy dent. Although the tailgaters atop the parking deck next to Gate 0 are missed. That happy throng of fans. Staying at home meant no one to loan condiments to or no one to trade use of a grill for left behind bbq sauce. The memories live. The Chicago Bears helmet grill not a relic, but a treasure. The picture of it in the Chicago Tribune two decades ago graces the Bears' wall with mementos of all sorts.

If the Bears play well, next game may see the first team TV broadcasters. Second thought, let's buck the trend and keep the Bears with the announcers and create a winning streak long into the season.

Former Bear note---

With Rex Grossman having a good day with the Washington Redskins, can one dye the white jersey I have with his name and number 8 into what "maroon and gold?" Might be the same colors of my alma mater?

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