Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Donan Berg Skeleton Series Mystery Reviews

On the backcover of the newly released murder/mystery novel, Baby Bones, Third Skeleton Series Mystery, is the following:

Praise for Donan Berg's Skeleton Mystery Series.

A Body To Bones, First Skeleton Series Mystery

"I found myself quickly drawn into this book. Author Donan Berg (creates) interesting mix of mystery, suspense, hidden secrets, sin, deception and intrigue to weave a book that is well worth the price and in fact is a book which I so readily recommend that I would strongly suggest purchasing it for gifting." - S.P. national online reviewer

"Donan Brg writes a nice, clear, consistently readable prose, and he manages to create a winning character in Sarah Hamilton." - Writer's Digest judge

"Excellent. Greatly enjoyable book, well written and filled with intrigue, suspense and drama. Five Stars." -
L.C., national online reviewer.

The Bones Dance Foxtrot, Second Skeleton Series Mystery

"Five Stars. If you enjoy a good mystery with twists, turns, false leads, a little gambling, betrayal, clues left in the unlikeliest of places and a hidden stash of bank loot, then pick up a copy of The Bones Dance Foxtrot." - Featheredquill Book Review

"Clues eventually fit together in clever and significant ways." - National reviewer

Baby Bones

Baby Bones, Third Skeleton Series Mystery, continues author Donan Berg's showcase of winning characters in Sheriff Jonas McHugh, Deputy Bonnie Walsh, and VP Melanie Stark. The absorbing, fast-paced, satisfying major mystery surrounds a female skeleton buried with baby bones. Fears abound: the coroner scared of abortion vigilantes, Jonas anxious for re-election, and Bonnie alarmed for the safety of young daughter, Cindy. The addictive tale spins with an elaborate web of unsuspected turns sprung with gusto.

About the Author

Having landed twice in the winner's circle of the Fifth Annual Dixie Kane Memorial Contest, Donan Berg earns a claim to accolades of entertaining mystery, heartwarming romance. He's also authored Abbey Burning Love, a 387-page small city murder mystery/romance e-book and Bubbling Conflict and Other Stories, where the lead story highlights the never-ending sectarian violence in Northern Ireland.

Find Baby Bones and Abbey Burning Love e-book downloads for all major e-readers at http://www.dotdonbooks.com/ and http://www.abodytobones.com/ . Also at both websites are trade paperback copies of A Body To Bones and The Bones Dance Foxtrot. If none are at your neighborhood library, make a patron request. E-mail Author Donan Berg at mystery@abodytobones.com and get answers to your questions and obtain an author autograph with your purchase.

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