Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Correct Spelling Review and AtoZChallenge

New post in the AtoZChallenge is out: Q is for Quack. Visit http://masqueradecrew.blogspot.com/2012/04/q-is-for-quack-atozchallenge.html for Author Donan Berg's guest post. Then return for the spelling challenge below. There's no relationship except fun and learning.

DIRECTIONS: Some of the words below are spelled correctly, some are not. Where the spelling is wrong, write the correct spelling following the word. Do nothing if the word is correctly spelled. Work quickly. If you wish, time yourself.

already _____________
convenient _______________
government ______________
referance ________________
accident _________________
fourty ___________________
deside __________________
nuisence _________________
accept __________________
beleive __________________
committe ________________
definitly _________________
minute __________________
ninth ___________________
realy ___________________
permenent _______________
invoise __________________
apologize ________________
consideration ______________
remittance ________________
assure ___________________
immediatly ________________
foriegn __________________
morgage _________________
responsability _____________
bookeeping _______________
application ________________
desireable ________________
develope _________________
withold __________________

Your results are yours. The goal is self-improvement.

Brought to you as a free service of Author Donan Berg. His mystery novels available at http://www.abodytobones.com/ and http://www.dotdonbooks.com/ and other national retailers.

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