Friday, August 23, 2013

Messing with The Muse

Many a quote has spiraled into the conscious. More so from others.

Thus, while the journey is long, provisions sparse, inspiration may abound around life's next corner.

Thus, this post brings to light quotes from the not-to-distant past, not often repeated. Times may, however, change. All are penned from the mind of this author.

Seasons of life repaint age's glory.

Earned feats dance to the melody of life.

Like a joyful melody, charity supports every kindness.

Life's harmony is a symphony of friends.

Pack you life's case with wisdom, love, hope, and charity.
All will fit.

Life free from strain doesn't signal gain.

Happiness is fleeting; standing still won't reach it.

Sweet memories never sever today from unfinished goals.

(And what thought generated this last one is unknown.)

If old walls could talk, you'd probably get plastered.

(That's the lath. Enjoy the day forever more.)

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